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Your Mobile Workspace

Accessing your work email, content, and tasks couldn’t be easier with MailZen. Users simply download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, activate it and gain immediate access to everything they need to be productive.

Email, intranet access, task management and work files are all contained within the same app and kept entirely separate from the user’s personal data. There’s even a secure web browser for accessing internal web servers

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Easy to Use

Deploying MailZen across your entire organisation is so easy. Thanks to the MailZen Management Portal, administrators can quickly define security rules and grant access to new users within minutes. If someone leaves the organisation, it’s quick to remove access and wipe their MailZen container.


Key features for administrators

  • Focus on managing the app - not the device
  • Create precise access rights and rules for each user
  • Remotely wipe and block MailZen accounts in seconds
  • Add new users in minutes (or import them via LDAP)
  • Create a self-service portal for users to manage their own devices
  • Quickly transfer S/MIME certificates to mobile devices


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Secure Mobile Workspace

MailZen is the best way to separate work and personal data on any mobile device, delivering a complete, secure mobile device workspace.

It’s easy to use, offering immediate access to all essential business tools in one app. Edit documents, reply to emails, update calendar – and so much more.

  • Work offline without compromising company data.
  • Choose Apple or Android: MailZen works flawlessly on both.

Key Features

  • Complete separation of personal and business data
  • Remote access for work mail, calendar and contacts
  • Complete control over company data without device management
  • Secure downloading for company documents
  • Built-in, secure web browser
  • Document scan and capture
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Full administration suite


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Immediate, frictionless access to company data and resources.
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A desktop-like experience for the most popular office tools
Convenient, fast login and automatic authentication
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No fear of data leakage thanks to an encrypted container
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Why shouldn’t employees be able to use their own devices? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies are cost-effective and increase user satisfaction. With MailZen, users can access all of their work content on their preferred mobile device, and administrators can retain complete control of corporate data - without infringing on user’s data privacy.

MailZen ensures that all business-critical data is encrypted and remains within a secure container. It’s all accessed via one app and a single sign-on, too. It’s perfect for employees and also contractors and temporary workers.

Key Benefits

  • Easier access to work data and tools from any smartphone or tablet
  • All work data sent to or from the device is kept safe from unauthorised access
  • No mixing (accidental or otherwise) of personal and corporate data
  • No privacy concerns for personal data

A Complete Business Environment

MailZen is one app on your personal device, that includes:




Industry-leading security

MailZen uses a container to store all corporate data and applications. That means it never enters the device’s storage and requires user authentication before accessing any data. Our industry-leading security means no one can monitor or manipulate your corporate data without your say-so.

MailZen Security

Here’s a snapshot of the security technology that sits behind MailZen:

  • Certificate-based encryption
  • Secure communication via TLS
  • End-to-end email encryption with S/MIME
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Remote app lock and wipe
  • Management through a cloud-hosted or on-premises management portal
  • Granular user access control

Download the Security Paper: Protection Mechanisms in MailZen

Easy to use

MailZen couldn’t be easier to use. It’s a single integrated app - much easier to use than multiple apps for each business tool.

Once signed in, users gain immediate access. Thanks to intuitive icons and fast navigation, MailZen feels familiar and requires limited onboarding.

MailZen offers complete peace of mind for users, too. They can use their personal device for office work safely in the knowledge that IT administrators can only manage data within the secure container; administrators have ZERO access to private data and apps stored on the device.

Designed for Microsoft 365

MailZen has been designed to work perfectly for organisations using Microsoft 365 and Exchange Online. It provides a much-needed solution for businesses that have been unable to control access to corporate data in BYOD situations. It also integrates with on-prem Microsoft Exchange.

Without MailZen, your users are free to access your Exchange server via practically any email client of their choosing. All they need is their email address and password, leading to the possibility of unauthorised access if those credentials fall into the wrong hands.

With MailZen, users and administrators benefit from a container app that encrypts corporate data and separates it from private data on the user’s device. Integration with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange is included as standard, and all administrators need to do is to configure Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive to only be accessible by MailZen.

Key Benefits

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No apps can access your Exchange Online service or on-premises Exchange Server, apart from MailZen
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Gain full control over internal data, no matter where it’s accessed from
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No need to buy or install additional Microsoft 365 features
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Adds additional, strong security for Microsoft 365 users

MailZen is built for the enterprise around 3 components:

1. Mailzen App

The optional MailZen Gateway secures remote access to company data and ensures that users only access their assigned resources. Use the MailZen Gateway to grant access to internal resources via the MailZen App. It’s similar to VPN solutions, without needing complex VPN infrastructure and certificate distribution on mobile devices.

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2. MailZen Gateway

The MailZen App stores corporate data, such as emails, contacts and documents, in a single, encrypted container. It keeps corporate data separate from personal apps and data, meaning IT does not need to manage multiple applications or the device itself. Emails can be encrypted by using S/MIME. The app is easily configured and rolled out via the MailZen Management Portal.

3. MailZen Management Portal

The MailZen management portal can be hosted as a separate tenant in the cloud or installed on-premises if required. It knows the users, allows users to enrol devices and then provides policies to the MailZen app on these devices.

These policies orchestrate the access to data and synchronise data to and from the secure, encrypted container on the device. It is, for instance, possible to control the access requirements to the data in the container (e.g. using a PIN-code, password, TouchID or FaceID), the automatic locking of the secure container after a specific time and the wiping of the container in case of problems.

The management portal does not contain any company data, except for the e-mail addresses of the users. Administrators have only means to control the app, not the device. And administrators have no way to access the company data stored in the secure container.

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