Secure by design - private by default

The workforce, including flex workers,  is now both remote and in the office. To stay productive, they want anytime, anywhere access to the data they need for work. Organisations need to be able to secure business data. Only with visibility into the use of your data on any device, meaning both managed and unmanaged devices, will you avoid exposing your organization to unknown risks and close a security gap.

MailZen offers just that. With MailZen, organisations can now offer their workforce to use their corporate or their personal device with a frictionless, native experience while at the same time improving IT efficiency, increasing information security, and being compliant with legislation and regulations.

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MailZen provides the flexibility to work anytime, anywhere by connecting users to the applications they need


MailZen: Focus on Fundamentals

  • A predefined, full encrypted container
  • Mutual authentication
  • TLS encrypted data communication
  • No device management agent
  • Strict isolation of office and private data
  • Full office suite of applications in a single container
  • Securely enabled user activity including Secure Documents and Secure Camera
  • On-premises and Cloud
  • Focussed on usability
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Key Benefits

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Immediate, frictionless access to company data and resources.
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Gain full control over internal data, no matter where it’s accessed from
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No need to buy or install additional Microsoft 365 features
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Adds additional, strong security for Microsoft 365 users

MailZen industry-leading security

  • Certificate-based encryption
  • Secure communication via TLS
  • End-to-end email encryption with S/MIME
  • Jailbreak detection
  • Remote app lock and wipe
  • Management through a cloud-hosted or on-premises management portal
  • Granular user access control



Download the Security Paper: Protection Mechanisms in MailZen

The hidden features

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The Secure Gateway protects the On-Premise Exchange server against known and unknown vulnerabilities
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MailZen is the only app in its category that does not share the contacts with the mobile OS while still providing caller-ID
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Provides push notifications without the need to have the M365 credentials cached on your mobile device
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Direct access to Intranet without the need for VPN


Why shouldn’t employees be able to use their own devices? Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies are cost-effective and increase user satisfaction. With MailZen, users can access all of their work content on their preferred mobile device, and administrators can retain complete control of corporate data - without infringing on users’ data privacy.

MailZen ensures that all business-critical data is encrypted and remains within a secure container. It’s all accessed via one app and a single sign-on, too. It’s perfect for employees and also contractors and temporary workers.

Easy user onboarding

Onboarding uses couldn’t be easier. Once the MailZen app is downloaded and installed,  the user signs in and gains immediate access. 

MailZen is an integrated single app, providing the users with all the work apps required, including direct access to internal websites approved by IT. It completely takes away the burden of security responsibility of the end-user.

Key Benefits

  • Easier access to work data and tools from any smartphone or tablet
  • All work data sent to or from the device is kept safe from unauthorised access
  • No mixing (accidental or otherwise) of personal and corporate data
  • No privacy concerns for personal data

MailZen, one app, one Complete Business Environment including:



MailZen is built for the enterprise around 3 components:

1. MailZen App

The MailZen App stores corporate data, such as emails, contacts and documents, in a single, encrypted container. Corporate data is kept separate from personal apps and data, it does not require managing multiple applications or the device itself. Emails can be encrypted by using S/MIME. The app is easily configured and users simply download the app from the app store.

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2. MailZen Gateway

The MailZen Gateway secures remote access to company data and ensures that users only access their assigned resources. MailZen Gateway grants access to internal resources via the MailZen App.

3. MailZen Management Portal

The MailZen management portal can be installed on-premises or hosted as a separate tenant in the cloud. Predefined policies orchestrate the access to data and synchronise data to and from the secure, encrypted container on the device. It is, for instance, possible to control the access requirements to the data in the container (e.g. using a PIN-code, password, TouchID or FaceID), the automatic locking of the secure container after a specific time and the wiping of the container in case of problems.

The management portal does not contain any company data, except for the e-mail addresses of the users. Administrators only control the app, not the device. And administrators can never access the company data stored in the secure container.

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Use cases

Increasing shortage of IT Security specialists

End-user self provisioning
  • Users will be presented with only ONE app providing direct access to all company data. Email, Calendar, file shares, SharePoint, Tasks and even a browser for direct access to Intranet sites.
Reduced number of management tasks
  • There is no need to setup and maintain specific security policies. MailZen provides a high security policy as a standard feature. Equal for both Android and IOS.
'Fire and Forget'

On-premises installation

Easy management

  • MailZen supports a true BYOD strategy even with on-premise MS Exchange server.

High Security

  • Installation of on-premise Management Portal and inline Secure Gateway. The Exchange server is never exposed to the Internet.

Hybrid Environment: Exchange on-premise / O365 / Private Cloud

Easy management

  • One application supporting MS Exchange on-premise and O365. 
  • Managed access to on-premise, SaaS, OneDrive storage from a single interface.


  • On-premise Management Portal and Secure Gateway. 
  • End to End Encrypted sending and saving of files and photos.

Growing demand for “freedom of devices"

No device policy needed (BYOD, COPE, ...)

  • MailZen delivers high standard security on mobile devices. 

No specific OS needed (“I can only work with…)

  • MailZen operates on Android and iOS.
  • Frictionless unified user experience


  • Complete separation of personal and business data. 
  • Personal data never visible/accessible by IT-admin
  • Remote access for business email, calendar, contacts, intranet, file storages, ...

Temporary or external Staff

Limited time access to data

  • MailZen provides full access to all relevant data for the external or temporary staff.
  • Allows IT-admin to revoke access to the data when the contract is terminated.

Multiple Mail Accounts

  • You can use multiple accounts via one device. 

High security demand

End to End Encryption of Company data

  • Encrypted connection between the MailZen app and MailZen Gateway.
  • Mutual authentication between server and client.
  • Auto-enrolled certificates verifies user identity eliminating the need for passwords.

No sharing of data from the container with other apps

  • By default, there is no data sharing between MailZen and the internal OS of the mobile device. 
  • The Secure Camera feature prevents photos are stored outside the MailZen App. 
  • Protected Caller ID; contact details within the Exchange server are never synchronized with the local apps on the device. Normal Caller ID functionality remains.

Compliance fulfillment

  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit

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