Mobile Broadcasting Applications

Broadcast live from global events around the world

News Gathering

Be the first to deliver the news with ultra low latency. Stream your live reports directly from breaking news scenes simply and quickly. Do live interviews with people at the scene and broadcast it directly to the control room. Broadcast live from global events around the world.

The Zao-X can be utilized for news gathering. With its very low latency (from 35ms, to 240ms), reliability and ease of use, coupled with the fact it only weighs 500 grams, makes it the ideal accompaniment for a journalist doing live news interviews and remote reporting from the field back to the news studio.

BNR News Radio Helped by Mobile Broadcasting

How BNR News Radio solved it's sync problem with the help of Mobile Broadcasting.

BNR wanted to reduce the video latency of their live video streaming, so that the audio and video were synchronised. Watch the video to find out how they achieved this.

Live sport events-1-1

Live Sport Events

The Zao with its high bit rate, reliability and quality makes it an ideal live streaming unit for sports production. In use on motorbikes with mobile camera people, the Zao is perfect for live streaming cycle races and marathons, as well as for sports games including football and other field based games where small detail and high resolution is required.

Stream high quality live video content such as sport events, games and matches, interviews, bicycle races, marathons and sailing events directly to the broadcasting center or OB truck. Our lightweight and live broadcasting units make it very easy for TV sports production companies to deliver compelling high quality content, cost-effectively, without the need of RF base stations and repeating stations.

Broadcasting Events

There is a rang of tools, available to broadcast events, enabling those remotely to enjoy and to learn from the experience. In some cases, it's possible to affix static cameras at key points, with the ability to zoom, scan and live stream. However, to have the ability to move with the event, the most optimal solutions are mobile cameras.

The Zao-X with its lightweight, reliability and ease of use make it ideal for live streaming all types of live events including sports, news, music festival, church services, concerts and other live productions. They can be static, remote, used in vehicles, drones, body cams,  and even helicopters.


Be the first to deliver the story

Transmit high quality live streaming video quickly and efficiently to the editorial suite at the broadcast station via the cellular 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks using H265 and our RASCOW bonded technology. More efficient and reliable than traditional H.264 solutions.

When Full HD is the standard

There are many instances where broadcasting on a regular basis at full HD quality is desired. This includes concerts, festivals and even church services for those who are unable to attend in person.


Educational broadcasting with live interaction

Educational broadcasting / Distance learning with live interaction. We can learn from a wide range of skills by watching them be put into place live. 

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