We are securing and connecting our world. We are Soliton.

Delivering innovating solutions – Today and in the future

Who are we?

Soliton Systems is a global pioneer of technology. Since its inception in 1979, Soliton has created a
number of “firsts” through its innovative culture as evidenced by its heavy emphasis on R&D personnel.
By combination of its Japanese HQ with a desire for technical excellence, with its European distribution
for customer excellence and seamless integration, Soliton Systems has proudly built a solid reputation
based on customer delivery, support, and retention.

Group 1010

IT Security Business

With more users, devices and machines connecting in a distributed ecosystem, IT managers lose control. 

Our IT security solutions reduce the attack surface by applying strong authentication, least privilege to networks and applications for SME.
Group 803

Secure Video Streaming & Control

Innovation of real-time 4G/5G secure video transmission for broadcast, surveillance, and teleoperation. 

Serving existing and emerging new markets with an ultra-low latency live streaming and control technology that is unique to Soliton.

Basic principle

Soliton Systems recognizes the importance of preserving the global environment and acts with consideration for the environment in all aspects of its corporate activities.

Key Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 1979
  • Corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
  • Offices in Shanghai (China), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and San Jose (USA)
  • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st Section
  • 750+ employees

Action policy

  1. Soliton Systems will comply with environmental laws and regulations and environmental guidelines
  2. Soliton Systems strives to reduce the environmental burden by working on resource saving, energy saving, waste reduction and recycling
  3. Soliton Systems will build a system to promote environmental conservation activities and make improvements while conducting regular reviews

Our mission is to develop cutting edge technologies that deliver meaningful change - for everyone.

There’s a view that innovative technology is just for large enterprises, and everyone else has to compromise. We believe advances in network and mobile technology can help us all grow – regardless of how big or small we are.

This is why we created an ecosystem that delivers high-quality solutions and services that delight all of us.

Soliton Timeline

Artboard – 8-1

Artboard – 39

Establishment family owned

Intel requests Soliton to develop middleware
between PCOs and the Intel App

Artboard – 44

Started cooperation with Bridge Communications Corporation in the United States (later 3Com). It is also the year of introducing our first LAN solutionsArtboard – 10

Business tie-up with Silicon Compiler Systems, Inc. in the United States, introduction of semiconductor CAD design

Soliton IT Security Solutions division established

Opens office in Shanghai, China

Introduction of NetAttest wireless LAN
authentication server

Artboard – 40

Introduction of the first edition of InfoTrace log
collecting and tracking system

Listed at the JASDAQ Stock Exchange

Artboard – 10

Artboard – 46

Introduction of the video transmission system smart-telecaster (STC)

Introduction of file transfer applicances
HiQZen and FileZen

Artboard – 10

Soliton becomes reseller of Excitor’s DME mobile security solution

Artboard – 38

Introduction of Smart-telecaster Zao compact with H.265 compatibility. Established Soliton Systems Europe N.V. in the Netherlands

Artboard – 45

Listed at the Tokyo Stock Exchange second section
opens office in Singapore, South East Asia

Listed at the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Introdcution of the ultra-compact Smart-telecaster Zao-S

Artboard – 10

Introduction of WrappingBox, patented technology
for secure remote working

Introduction SecureDesktop includes 2 month free trial to support organisations during the COVID-19 outbreak

Soliton Systems and 5G Hub in conjunction with Ericsson and VodaphoneZiggo join forces to demonstrate remote control of racing car via 5G

Artboard – 47

Launch of the New Zao-X that creates new 4K video streaming workflows, 5G and ultra-low latency for tele-driving.  Combined with our 20-year anniversary of EPS, we launched the world’s first all-in-one solution for Network Access Control with EPS 5.0. Both new products won two top Jury's Special Awards’ at Interop Tokyo 2022.


Artboard – 9-1

Introduction of the Soliton OneGate -  Streamlining user identities and ensure secure, unified, password-free authentication

Soliton onegate dropdown logo

Artboard – 10

Launch of Zao SDK World's best Ultra Low Latency Streaming Technology -  OEM Software featuring RASCOW2 - Live Streaming Over Cellular - Enabling Remote Operation under any Network Condition with the Zao SDK for Jetson

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The Company Name is Derived from the Scientific term ‘Soliton’

 A soliton is a solitary wave that is self-reinforcing and maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity.

Our founder wanted to reflect the “uniqueness” and “multifacetedness” of this Solitary Wave as the basis of its activities and products.  The company name Soliton Systems was chosen as the underlying philosophy of  its approach to “originality” and “impact”.

Soliton's goal is to develop related technologies based on the core requirements that are essential to society.

Company Culture

Independent Technology Innovator that
continues to develop in-house

Being an independent IT maker, Soliton can identify the needs of the market and innovate quickly and freely. Over the years, Soliton is the largest IT Security provider in Japan for multiple products in the field of IT security.

Man remote driving from a cockpit
Employees working together smiling
An open corporate culture that challenges
original technology

The features are based upon Soliton being able “to challenge original technology” and “to have an open and free environment”. The rewards of work makes the most of our specialty and individuals on the world stage.

A group of engineers with creativity and

Soliton has an extensive development team, and even 40 years after our founding, we are consistently pursuing advanced technology. Soliton has received numerous awards backed by technological capabilities. We will continue to provide our own products that give “creativity” and “impression”.

Cabinet of Awards and Certificates