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Connect customers with your expertise

“What can we do better, and how do we do it smarter?” Many of your customers aren’t focused on cybersecurity disciplines directly, nor do they know how to optimise their cybersecurity. They need a trusted partner to focus on the basics and keep them knowledgeable and on top of their business and information technology. Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance regardless of the products and services being provided. They need simple, accessible security solutions that will free employees by enabling them to work anytime, anywhere.

We can help you unlock new opportunities with your customers and prospects by delivering frictionless user access without compromising on IT efficiency, security or compliance. Soliton has dedicated itself to enterprise-level solutions, so organisations of all sizes (small or large) can enjoy the highest level of security without burdening IT admins and their end-users.

The world is not doing enough to unburden IT

The future of work means we all need a more human approach to IT Security

Spark interest with your customers

You are the main source of contact when it comes to connecting specific providers across technology sectors. Using the inside knowledge of each system will ease the integration process. You do this by providing expert insight on the right security solutions that pair with other IT services or tools that can support their daily business while making IT security invisible to your end-users.

Whether your expertise is in Zero Trust security, providing secure and flexible workplaces for both internal and external users, or helping organisations secure their network  - you want to accelerate your growth. We want to help and make sure you have everything you need to be the trusted advisor for your customers. 

The Soliton Partner Program is for IT Security Providers who are looking to expand their offer, build capabilities and service these solutions.

What would your customers say if you limit the attack surface both remotely and on-prem to an absolute minimum

Artboard – 23-1Take out the user from the IT Security process

Artboard – 19-1Take the pain out of user on and off boarding

Artboard – 24-2Take the fear out of unmanaged devices

Artboard – 20-1Orchestrate workforce ecosystems

Artboard – 21-1Provide flexible and seamless integration

Artboard – 26-1Provide control, visibility and security

Rather than avoiding risk completely, you are in control of security risks and can open up the necessary resources to your users and foster a non-intrusive workplace. This holistic approach prioritizes security while making systems virtually invisible to users, reducing the burden on IT and end-users alike.

We support our customers in reducing the attack surface and mitigating risk by applying strong authentication, least privilege and isolation to networks and applications, which will greatly improve your security posture.

There's really no need to compromise

Purposefully designing an IT security ecosystem that is

Artboard – 27 (1)


Artboard – 28 (1)


Artboard – 29 (1)



How Soliton Helps You Grow

  • Access training at no cost and a wide pool of technical expertise, experience, skills, labour and networks. 
  • Get full support from the Soliton team to sell to your first customer. We understand that becoming an expert doesn’t happen immediately but we can help you successfully communicate the value of tech to your customers
  • Build your experience to work independently from us. Offer new ways of addressing old issues and complex challenges with your customers while achieving a stronger reputation and greater credibility.

Low-risk and high-reward potential

We believe that all partnerships should be rooted in creating new value for your existing or future customers. Ask yourself, "What customer needs are we fulfilling together?"

This is why we base our partnership on a low risk-high reward ratio – the little risk of failure and a high potential for reward.

Low risk

  • Our technology solves a problem in a more efficient way.
  • We help you understand the process so you can communicate it with your customers.
  • On the job coaching - supporting your first sale:

    • Mitigating risk and reducing potential mistakes by a greater understanding of the operational context
    • Drawing on a wide pool of technical expertise, experience, skills, labour and networks

High reward

  • Low investment, no training cost, the only thing we need from you is the willingness to invest time. When opportunities are growing, grow your knowledge.
  • Maximizing margins:

    • Adress old issues from a new point of view whilst achieving greater credibility.
    • We bring you into engagements that partners wouldn't normally see. You will have more benefits because of the trusted relationship.



Why Partners Choose Soliton

We're proud to have an open culture, where our partners have easy access to our team. Get to know colleagues across all our departments and build long-lasting relationships with our team. Soliton is always available for help (whether technical or marketing). We welcome honest feedback from our partners -  anything from how we work together to improvements we can make to our products and their related assets.

Soliton: THE Market Leader in Japan

Soliton Systems is a global pioneer of technology. Since its inception in 1979, Soliton has created a number of "firsts" through its innovative culture as evidenced by its heavy emphasis on R&D personnel. With the combination of its Japanese HQ with a desire for technical excellence, and its European strive for customer excellence and seamless integration, Soliton Systems has proudly built a solid reputation based on customer delivery, support, and retention.

Soliton HQ in Japan



Our mission is to develop cutting-edge
technologies that deliver meaningful change - for everyone.

Artboard – 35

Established 1979 HQ Tokyo (Japan)

Artboard – 37

Offices in Shanghai (China), Singapore, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and San Jose (USA)

Artboard – 36

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, 1st. Section

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