Secure Access to Networks and Applications for the Healthcare Industry

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At Soliton Systems Europe, we understand the need for secure access to networks, applications and medical devices within the healthcare industry. As technology advances, healthcare organisations face increasing cybersecurity threats and the challenge of providing secure access.

With our solutions, we can help you ensure the highest level of security and streamline access to your networks and applications, all while maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Providing solutions across the healthcare sector

Our solutions cater to various healthcare organisations, including hospitals, clinics, research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. Whether you need to secure your internal networks, enable secure remote access for healthcare professionals, or provide secure access to sensitive patient data, our offerings are designed to meet your specific requirements.

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The big IT security challenges in healthcare

The healthcare industry relies heavily on networked systems and applications to deliver efficient patient care, facilitate collaboration, and protect sensitive information. However, increased cyber threats and the growing need to support remote working capabilities are making this harder. Healthcare organisations need help maintaining robust security while enabling efficient access to networks and applications.

Soliton Systems Europe understands these challenges and offers tailored solutions to address them effectively. With our specialised solutions, we can assist you in reducing the attack surface, mitigating risks and protecting your valuable systems.




Solutions for Healthcare

Soliton Systems Europe offers a range of advanced solutions for secure network and application access in the healthcare industry:


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Secure Remote Access

Enable secure remote access for healthcare professionals, allowing them to connect to internal networks and applications securely from anywhere. Our solution provides robust authentication, encryption, and access controls to safeguard your network while enabling efficient remote work capabilities.

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Secure Partner Access
Ensure secure access to your applications and data for business partners, research collaborators, and telemedicine providers. With our solution, you can establish secure connections, enforce access policies, and protect sensitive healthcare information, enabling efficient collaboration and streamlined workflows.

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Secure Internal Network

Safeguard your internal network infrastructure with our comprehensive security solutions. We provide advanced network access control, intrusion prevention, and threat detection mechanisms to defend against cyber threats and unauthorised access, protecting sensitive patient data and ensuring uninterrupted healthcare operations.

Solving for Healthcare 

Our secure network and remote access solutions empower healthcare organisations to ensure their critical systems and data's confidentiality, integrity and availability.

By leveraging our innovative technology, you can establish secure connections, enforce access controls and protect against unauthorised access: all while maintaining compliance with healthcare data protection regulations.


Simplifying complex network infrastructure in a healthcare setting

Witness the remarkable transformation of Sumitomo Besshi Hospital's complex network infrastructure, resulting in simplified management, heightened security, and operational efficiency. The hospital emerged as a leading force in ICT-driven healthcare by integrating multiple networks, implementing cutting-edge solutions for secure device control, and achieving network stability.

Experience the transformative power of Soliton Systems' network solutions and revolutionise your organisation's network security today. Take the first step towards unlocking a seamless and secure network environment.

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How can Soliton Systems Europe help you?

By partnering with Soliton Systems Europe, healthcare organisations can experience a range of benefits, including:


Enhanced cybersecurity posture and protection against threats

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Seamless and secure remote work capabilities for healthcare professionals


Efficient collaboration with research partners and telemedicine providers


Compliance with healthcare data protection regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR


Improved patient care through streamlined access to applications and data


Future-proof your infrastructure with solutions that support both on-premises and hybrid environments

Ready to fortify your network and application security?

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