Redefining Remote Operations in the Defense Industry

With help of Ultra Low Latency Streaming  with Zao-X and Zao SDK

Soliton Systems' Groundbreaking Transmission and Control Technology

Welcome to the future of defensive warfare, where cutting-edge technology meets mission-critical needs. Soliton Systems proudly introduces the revolutionary Zao-X hardware transmitter and Zao SDK, setting new standards in ultra-low latency video communication with remote control capabilities,  over diverse wireless networks, including 4G LTE, 5G, Satellite, and WiFi.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

From remote driving of all-terrain vehicles, drones, UAVs, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs),  tanks, to the control of robots deployed for mine clearance and other military applications, the Zao products are versatile solutions for video streaming and remote operations that are ultimately designed for OEM integration to keep soldiers out of harm's way while maximizing operational efficiency.

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Key Benefits:

Ultra-Low Latency, Unparalleled Precision

With typical latencies of just 35ms (0.035 seconds) for live video, the Zao products provide secure and unprecedented real-time communication capabilities that are essential for remote military operations. Experience swift and precise control, making split-second decisions in the most demanding environments.

Fully Encrypted Video and Return Control Network

Security is paramount in military operations. Both the Zao-X hardware transmitter and Zao-SDK software offers a fully encrypted video stream and return control network, ensuring the safety and integrity of your communication channels. Your mission-critical data remains confidential and protected.

UGV Design for Remote Operations

Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) are indispensable in contemporary defence operations, improving situational awareness, reconnaissance, and remote capabilities while mitigating risks to human life. The success to effective UGV design lies in the realm of remote control operations, relying on secure ultra-low latency video streaming and control mechanisms. Soliton Systems' Zao SDK emerges as an exemplary solution, particularly tailored for defence applications where human life does not need to be put at risk.

In the realm of defence extremities, reliability stands as a paramount criterion. UGVs frequently traverse challenging environments, necessitating the need for consistent and reliable video stream over robust wireless networks to facilitate real-time control and informed decision-making. Soliton Systems' Zao SDK excels in this domain by ensuring a seamless and reliable glass-to-glass latency. From 0.04 seconds (40ms) over various networks, including cellular 5G, RF, mesh, with ground breaking proven latencies of 65ms over 4G (LTE) connections. This near-instantaneous control response proves critical in scenarios where split-second decisions can be a matter of life or death.

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The Crucial Role of Secure Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming and Control in UGV Design


Key Features:

Real-time Video Streaming

Experience the power of ultra-low latency video streaming, providing operators with up-to-the-moment visuals for unparalleled situational awareness with a delay of 2 frames in real time over public wireless connections.

Compatibility Across Networks

Connect seamlessly and securely across wireless public networks including  4G LTE, 5G, Satellite,  and WiFi networks, as well as private networks, ensuring operational continuity in various environments.

Mission-Critical Reliability

Zao-X and Zao SDK are built to be fully resilient, secure,  and the SDK can be customized for range of different cameras, provides stitching of cameras to a single stream, and utilization of different communication devices for high availability with live broadcast quality video streaming.

Compromised Bandwidth – adaptive encoding that can work in low bandwidth and high contention networks, with streaming that can go as low as 25kb/sec in narrow bandwidth mode for super challenging network situations.

Easy Integration

Our technology is designed for integration into existing military systems, providing a smooth transition to enhanced remote operations. The Zao-X is a plug and play hardware device with genuine point-to-point connectivity with no intermediary insecure cloud requirements. The Zao-SDK software can be used as an OEM integration that can be integrated into an existing hardware set up such as a done.

Transform Your Military Operations Today

Are you ready to revolutionize your military operations, enhance security, and protect your personnel? Join the future of remote military control with Zao-X and Zao SDK from Soliton Systems. Our technology empowers you to make critical decisions in real-time while minimizing risks.

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Low Latency Smart-telecaster Zao-X

0.04 seconds latency - changing the game in live video transmission

Revolutionizing the defence Industry: The Role of Ultra-Low Latency Video Streaming in Remote Operations

In an age of rapid technological advancements, the future of defensive warfare is experiencing a transformation, driven significantly by the integration of remote operations. Ultra-low latency video streaming stands as a crucial element in this revolutionary shift, offering the potential to elevate situational awareness, operational efficiency, and strategic decision-making on the battlefield. In this article, in  our newest blow we delve into the impact of ultra-low latency video streaming on defensive warfare and its potential to reshape the modern conflict landscape."


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