Beyond Line of Sight Drones with Ultra Low Latency

Zao communication technology over multiple 4G and 5G cellular networks , with option for satcom,  for instant live streaming and remote control of drones. Even in the most challenging of  cellular situations.

Why Choose Ultra-Low Latency Video?

Many UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and drone applications require the UAV to operate beyond the visual line of sight while still transmitting live streams back to an operator with incredibly low latency for real-time viewing.

By utilizing Soliton's groundbreaking low-latency units, which can reliably live stream over public 4G and 5G networks, the Zao-X can stream to a remote location in less than 200ms, even when the drone is out of sight.

Please also take a moment to read our latest blog post that discusses the challenges of controlling drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS blog).

The future of logistics with drones and live broadcasting

Using beyond line of sight drones with ultra low latency

This technology can be utilized across a multitude of industries for remote piloting in various areas, including defense, military, law enforcement, rescue operations, border control surveillance, gathering information, and supplying essentials during environmental disasters. It is also valuable for storm tracking to forecast hurricanes and tornadoes.

Additionally, it enables remote piloting of UAV vehicles for purposes such as surveillance of pipelines, mines, and construction projects.

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Low Latency Smart-telecaster Zao-X

0.04 seconds latency - changing the game in live video transmission

Unlimited-range command and control

Unlimited-range command and control

Long range surveillance, image capturing and analytics with new 5G ultra allow latency technology .
Drones - transportation of goods

Drones – Transportation of goods

Long distance transportation of goods.

eVTOL electric taxis – Alternative to existing transport

eVTOL electric taxis will revolutionise urban air mobility. One interim option before fully autonomous eVTOL could be to fly the vehicles remotely by a pilot on the ground – as some military drones are flown today.

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