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OEM Software featuring RASCOW2 - Live Streaming Over Cellular - Enabling Remote Operation under any Network Condition with the Zao SDK for Jetson

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About The Zao SDK for Jetson

Reliable and Secure Live Streaming for Teleoperation

Soliton Systems Zao SDK for Jetson, is a cutting live streaming OEM product for teleoperations, teledriving, remote robotic control, and BVLOS drone manufacturers. It utilizes RASCOW2 protocol for near real-time streaming with ultra-low latency and extreme reliability, using patented bonding technology to combine multiple cellular networks for seamless, high-speed connections, enabling remote operators to safely control devices in real-time.

Zao SDK Key Features

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Low Latency

Ultra Low Latency

RASCOW2 (Real-time Auto Speed Control based On Waterway-model) is Soliton’s second generation codec for video optimization. It ensures fast and highly reliable adaptive encoding that is optimized on available network bandwidth, even in the most challenging of situations.

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Remote Control


Zao SDK enables remote control of a car, robot, drone or machinery in almost real-time from a remote location. Traditional encoders have a delay greater than 0,5 second that is too long for safe control. Zao SDK can remotely control machinery, viewing a live video stream and remote operation in almost real time.

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Stable and High Speed

Multilink Bonding

Mobile networks from different cellular telecom carriers can be bonded into one single network connection significantly increasing bandwidth and resilience. It remove the reliance on a single network operator and with RASCOW2 can deliver superior live streaming up to 4K video formats.

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High Video Compression


Zao SDK is a highly efficient HEVC/H.265 hardware encoder and compared to a traditional H.264 codec, transmits video with almost half the bandwidth. Soliton's H.265 process is highly efficient for encoding and decoding that is a major element in the measure of super low latency video streaming.

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Used In Many Industries

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Zao SDK - Transmitter

Zao SDK includes

Transmitter Side Zao Endpoint SDK License

Support for NVIDIA Jetson - AGX, Xavier NX, Nano

Utilizing Nvenc for HEVC/H.265 Encoding

Codec license is included

RASCOW2 Software Library
Multiple camera integration

Stitching source code support

Stitching + Encoding + RASCOW2 on one NVIDIA SBC
Safety assistance and fail-safe functions included

Zao Cloud - Receiver

Client Server Architecture

On Prem or in Cloud (inc MEC support)

Zao Cloud View client

Chrome compatible HTML5 browser

H.265 decoding support with WebRTC

Serial tunneling function for return control

Customizable Interface

Overlay Capability

OEM for Teledriving, Robotic Control, Teleoperation BVLOS Drones

Soliton Systems offers an SDK designed to enhance various products, including teleoperation systems, tele driving solutions, remote robotic control, and BVLOS drones. The software utilizes the RASCOW2 live streaming protocol, providing accurate, real-time video for remote control and safety. The protocol ensures ultra-low latency and high security through encryption, making it highly reliable even in challenging environments such as low bandwidth areas in remote locations, or where there is high network contention on public cellular (4G/5G) or Wi-Fi networks. Soliton Systems is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology, and their RASCOW2 protocol is a testament to that. For more information on the Zao SDK for Jetson then please contact Soliton for an exploratory and friendly discussion.

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Ultra Low Latency, 4K UHD and
5G Support

Cutting edge innovation with UHD resolution, the Zao SDK has full support of 4K live streaming with LTE and 5G supported networks, as well as satellite, Wi-fi and LAN. Supporting Ultra Low latency with streaming delays below 100ms, the Zao SDK for Jetson can be customized to support an array of different cameras including USB, GMSL, IP camera, and MIPI.

Receiver and controller software is via Zao Cloud with fully customizable Zao Cloud View browser clients. The receiving end   can be installed on-prem or in the cloud including Multi-access edge computing, (MEC) cloud environments.

The network connection supports ultra low delay on the return control signal, via serial or LAN tunneling  from the receiving location back to the remote device for remote control.

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Zao - SDK Specifications

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  • 1. Technical Specifications

    1. Easily integrate video, audio and control signal transmission into your application

    2. You can use the safety assistance and fail-safe functions provided by the SDK

    3. Ultra-Low delay transmission available

    4. Zao Cloud's web management UI allows you to manage your devices

    5. SDK supports USB, IP camera, GMSL, MIPI out of the box

    6. Supports multiple camera input and provides image position sorting and stitching functions. Customer can also customize

    7. Scalable!

    Hardware Supported: NVIDIA Xavier, Jetson Nano

    Software SD interface:

    Overview : SDK user can integrate functions into customer platform.

    • Functions included : video / audio encoding, serial tunneling, multiple link supported by RASCOW2 protocol as library form
    • Language : C++ API

    No of Network Connections: up to 8

    No. of Modems – up to 8x USB

    Wifi Option - USB

    Camera Types: USB, HDMI, GMSL (IP see below)

    Control Path: Serial Tunneling

    Latency – from 35ms glass-to-glass

    Encryption – AES256

    Camera Stitching – Option for IP cameras and stitching of multiple cameras into single stream.

    ZaoCloud Receiver – software decoder

    Output – RTSP /H.265 WebRTC

    Receiver Server/PC: Cloud (AWS) /On-Premise

    Receiver Client Option – Customizable GUI

    browser that playout WebRTC in H.265 format.

    GUI SDK: Overview : SDK user can modify GUI or

    Monitoring Terminal application and

    Remote-Control terminal

    • Functions included : GUI library
    • Language : Java Script API


    Control Signal I/F for Remote-Control terminal

    Overview: SDK integrates control

    signal transmission over RASCOW2

    Alerts: SDK can take alert notification from Endpoint SDK, GUI SDK and Remote-Control terminal from each device: -

    • video / control signal latency exceeds the latency-

    threshold that SDK user sets.

    • number of available RASCOW2 lines falls below the

    threshold that SDK user sets

  • 2. Features
    • New Uplink protocol updated from RASCOW for better performance
    • Multilink and Lower Latency
    • Fault tolerance mode – Lower Latency, but requires bandwidth
    • Load balancing mode – Slightly Longer Latency, requires less bandwidth
      • Encrypted live streaming over multiple bonded 4g SIM cards and /or LAN port
      • Support Serial Tunneling - return feed for serial control eg PTZ or drone gimbal
      • Zao View
    • Newly Linux based decoder
    • 1 Channel Receiver /Planning for 4 Channel
    • Required Ubuntu workstation:
      • HP Z4G4 + NVIDIA RTX4000 (+BMD Decklink Pro 8K)
    • Point to Point connection (no cloud subscription required)

    Decoder must have fixed IP address
    UDP port :TBD (current version is same as Zao-S)

    Ultra Low Latency Performance

  • 3. Serial Control
    • Support Serial Tunneling
    • Remote control use case



    Robotic Control (ROS)

    PTZ Camera

    Drone Gimbal

    Remote Driving (Actuator for connected car)

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