Soliton OneGateMulti-factor authentication
with digital certificates

"By 2023, 73% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access and privileges, up from 50% in 2020" Gartner®

Introducing Soliton OneGate

Streamlining user identities and ensure secure, unified, password-free authentication

Secure Access Certificates X.509

Secure Access via X.509 Certificate

Access to Soliton OneGate is facilitated through mTLS using digital certificates, enhancing security. With the private tenant you own and control the dedicated Certificate Authority (CA).

Cloud Service Provisioning

Federation and Cloud Service Provisioning

Soliton OneGate can federate and provision cloud services, streamlining access while maintaining robust authentication.

Network Access Control

Integrated Network Access Control

Soliton OneGate seamlessly integrates with Network Access Control (NAC) in company networks, granting secure access to Wired, Wi-Fi, and VPN networks.


Soliton OneGate offers a managed cloud service where customers have their own private and disconnected tenant.

Key features
An Uncompromising Approach to Security

Imagine a world where security seamlessly intertwines with user convenience.

Soliton OneGate brings this vision to life, providing a centralised gateway for access to networks and applications. With Soliton OneGate, users have a streamlined access point and an intuitive, effortless logon experience.

Behind the scenes, we've integrated the latest and most reliable safety measures, so you don't have to compromise on security.

Dive into the future of secure, user-friendly digital interactions with Soliton OneGate.

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Uncompromising Security and Seamlessly Unified Identity Management

Industrial organisations, with complex operational systems, need better control over identities and access points leading to critical networks, resources and endpoints. Soliton OneGate puts this into action. 

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Key benefits
One Identity, One Point of Management

With one identity, one point of management, one set of policies and one secure and strong authentication mechanism, all the identity management projects - single sign-on, provisioning, password management, directory consolidation, strong authentication, role management and audit/compliance - will be simplified.

Key benefits
Effortless Logins

Soliton OneGate offers a unified identity solution that simplifies user management across various systems. It streamlines single sign-on, provisioning, and password management through centralised management and consistent policies.

Strong authentication mechanisms enhance security, ensuring reliable access control. Users enjoy password-free entry to networks and cloud services, improving usability.

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Soliton OneGate
Addressing the Needs of Modern Organisations

Soliton OneGate protects corporate assets accessed via the cloud from unauthorised access
through multi-factor authentication (MFA) using digital certificates through the unique user self-service.

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Unlocking Secure Access

The Soliton OneGate advantage empowers organisations, by providing diverse strategies enhancing secure usability

User Certificates

Invisible User Certificates

Soliton OneGate enables simple certificate revocation for enhanced security. Using short-lived client certificates ensures automatic revocation of user access upon expiration.

Password-free Convenience

Password-Free Convenience

Integrating client certificates, alongside options like FIDO2, elevates security by offering multi-factor authentication without relying on passwords.
Effortless Mobility

Effortless Mobility

Opting for an authenticator app in tandem with a client certificate for login offers an alternative to FIDO, maintaining password-free security while accommodating users who may have limitations with FIDO technology.

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