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For Cloud and On-Premise

Highly Secure PasswordLess Federated Access for Users
Removes Complex Password Management for IT


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Multi-Factor Authentication

Hosted service that enables management and creation of a highly secure MFA environment for multiple cloud and on-prem applications.

Secure Access Certificates X.509

Easy Digital Certificate Creation

Single sign on (passwordless) MFA that incorporates digital certificates and choice of second authorization that is highly secure, self managing, and reduces burden on IT.

Cloud Service Provisioning

Federated SSO

User can initiate individual service-provider login or display all service providers  within centralized portal. IT can remove ALL access with a one-click process.

Network Access Control

Network Access Control

In conjunction with Netattest EPS, seamlessly enhance on-premise Network Access Control (NAC) automating secure access to Wired, Wi-Fi, and VPN networks for a hybrid solution.


Soliton OneGate is a managed cloud service (SaaS) where customers have their own private and secure tenant.

Key features
An Uncompromising Approach to Access Security

• OneGate is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution that ensures the true identity of users enterprise-wide from an IT security perspective. The added advantage is the elimination of passwords and their associated issues.

• Empowers highly secure Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) for diverse range of cloud and on-premise applications,  but with Single Sign-On for immediate user access.

• Alleviates the burden on IT for managing identity access across a diverse environment. IT administrators can effortlessly remove users and revoke access to all resources with a simple one-click action.

• Utilizes digital certificates, providing a robust security layer as part of the MFA. These certificates can be conveniently created by users through a self-service digital creation utility known as the Soliton KeyManager. Digital certificates enhance access security by authenticating the legitimacy of the user and device.

•  OneGate and Netattest EPS – Consultancy - Soliton understands the problem; it can be complex, but Soliton’s years of global IT security experience ensures we can deliver. 

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Unified Identity Management

Soliton OneGate empowers organizations with intricate operational systems,  and corporations utilizing diverse IT SaaS-based operational setups that needs to protect and mitigate against malicious attacks via fraudulent users. It provides enhanced control over identities and access points, ensuring secure management of critical networks, resources, and endpoints for seamless operational efficiency.

FIDO compliant Single Sign-On

Soliton OneGate presents a unified identity solution that simplifies user management across various systems. This streamlined platform facilitates single sign-on, provisioning, and password management through centralized administration and consistent policies.

To bolster security, OneGate incorporates robust authentication mechanisms, providing reliable access control. Users benefit from password-free entry to networks and cloud services, enhancing overall usability.

For a second layer of authorization, OneGate offers multiple options, aligning with FIDO2 standards. These include an external token approach utilizing NFC or USB with fingerprint recognition, an external authenticator app, or biometrics such as facial recognition.

Additionally, OneGate provides both individual Service-Provider Initiated Login and a User Portal featuring listed Service-Providers. Both approaches offer a seamless and user-friendly login experience.

The User Portal consolidates identity providers on one screen, allowing users to easily log in to different services from a centralized location tailored to their preferences. This centralized approach significantly enhances the user experience.

Furthermore, OneGate seamlessly integrates with any cloud service provider using SAML for user authentication, ensuring compatibility and flexibility within the OneGate environment.

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Soliton OneGate
How Digital Certificates Are Managed

Soliton OneGate protects corporate assets using digital certificates through an intuitive "user self-service" utility known as Soliton KeyManager.

Digital certificates, a cornerstone of modern cybersecurity, significantly elevates access security for IT. Serving as virtual identification cards, digital certificates authenticate the legitimacy of individuals, organizations, devices, and servers. This authentication process not only establishes trust but also prevents malicious actors from impersonating legitimate entities. In essence, digital certificates act as a secure handshake, verifying the identity of parties involved in online interactions and guaranteeing the integrity of the communication. In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the use of digital certificates is paramount for fortifying access points, safeguarding against cyberattacks, and fostering a secure digital environment.

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Soliton OneGate Technical Specs

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