IT Security

Connect users and enabling business, without compromising on security.

Taking the complexity out of IT Security

Soliton Systems helps to connect users and enable business, without compromising on security. Whether applications are on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid, we take out complexity from IT security. 

Our cutting edge technology is the market leader in Japan, with 40+ years of experience delivering the solutions our customers say they really need. And our Zero Trust solutions provide truly scalable authentication and access controls.

Our approach is simple: deliver easy-to-use, highly-effective solutions. We help secure and connect our world, both today and in the future. It’s simplicity without compromise: It's Soliton.

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Take on a proactive approach

All of our solutions are built on the same principle: they help you to proactively protect your company data while minimising risks. We believe in the power of the Zero Trust model, as it provides both safety and flexibility. When access is limited and risks are low, it doesn’t matter whether your co-workers are on the company network or check their email at some faraway airport. Data is safely locked away and access is only given to those that are explicitly cleared.
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Personalised and frustration free

Ever since 1979, Soliton builds solutions for specific security challenges. This works in your favour, as you’ll only get the features you actually need. We do not buy software components but build everything ourselves. In our product development processes, we aim to create solutions that not only support the CISO and the IT manager, but the end-users too. After all, they have to deal with them on a daily basis. And in the unlikely event of frustration, we’re always there to help through our trained support desk.
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Japanese solidity meets European creativity

We are a Japanese company from origin, which is reflected in the solidity of our solutions and the way we serve our customers. Our European offices add creativity and personality to the mix, creating the ultimate IT security company that’s prepared for the future of security- but also for your challenges today.