IT Security

Prevention is better than cure

The world is not doing enough to unburden IT

The future of work means we all need a more human approach to IT Security.

Artboard – 56Enabling users to access their data anywhere
and on any device

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Maintaining security integrity
without compromise

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Keeping everyone happy, including IT Managers
and their users

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While vendors focus on developing security products, they forget one thing: the shortage of resources

It's time to rethink

The big problem:

Many IT solutions fail to help IT to control, monitor and regulate their networks, resources and data, while creating an optimal working experience for both IT Admins and the  internal and external users.


  • Not everyone is accessing a network from the same controlled ecosystem.
  • Increasing employee mobility, a rising number of BYOD devices, and the need to support hybrid work environments.

  • IT must provide a seamless experience that enables employees to work from anywhere and educate employees about IT security threats. 

  • Organisations are increasingly outsourcing internal functions and operations and external services.
  • Talent shortages have a tangible impact on security programs.

How would your IT look if it included features to:

Artboard – 23-1Take the user out of the security process

Artboard – 19-1Take the pain out of user on and off boarding

Artboard – 24-2Take the fear out of unmanaged devices

Artboard – 20-1

Provide flexible and seamless integration

Artboard – 21-1

Orchestrate workforce ecosystems

Artboard – 26-1

Provide control, visibility and security

What can you expect from us?

Rather than avoiding risk completely, you are in control of security risks and can open up the necessary resources to your users and foster a non-intrusive workplace. This holistic approach prioritizes security while making systems virtually invisible to users, reducing the burden on IT and end-users alike.

We support our customers in reducing the attack surface and mitigating risk by applying strong authentication, least privilege and isolation to networks and applications, which will greatly improve your security posture.

There's really no need to compromise

Purposefully designing an IT security ecosystem that is:

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Secure by design and private by default

  • Users need access to applications and data, not necessarily networks.
  • Proper authentication is in place for network access (wired, wireless and VPN).
  • Eliminates users and devices from your first line of defence. 
  • BYOD is an integrated part of the solution, not a strategy. 


Our promise is to offer affordable, accessible and scalable solutions that are secure by design and private by default and ensure that users are properly authenticated and BYOD is part of the solution

Delivering value throughout your organisation

For the CEO

  • High ROI, leverage your existing network infrastructure to enforce your organisation’s policies
  • Regulatory Compliance: able to track and report on all users and devices accessing your network resources

For the end-users

  • Users can self-install the solution on the device they want to use
  • No need to get into the office or handle support calls

For IT Operational Efficiency

  • Simplified and automated manual and labour-intensive IT functions
  • Off-load tasks from IT and Help Desk to increase their productivity 
  • Prevents unauthorised network access, with straightforward and powerful (short-life) certificate management – even on unmanaged and BYO devices
  • Self-enrolment drastically reduces deployment time


Our mission is to develop cutting-edge
technologies that deliver meaningful change - for everyone.

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