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Innovations are key to Soliton’s success. Within their Broadcast Group, Soliton Systems has uniquely achieved something no-one else has - ultra low latency video streaming across cellular networks under 65ms. This has led to the evolvement of new applications that before were not just possible with 5G alone. New applications, technologies and markets are evolving that includes tele-driving, teleoperation, remote robotics control, and taking drones beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

STC - Ultra Low Latency

Demonstrating Ultra Low Video Latency with Remote Control of a Racing Car

Soliton's innovations around ultra low latency cannot be better demonstrated than the remote control of a racing car.  In conjunction with Ericsson Telecommunication and VodafoneZiggo, as part of the 5G Hub initiative, Soliton shows real time control via cellular, opening the way for the remote driving of cars via secure 5G connectivity.

SOL21043004_Zao-racing image-1

STC - Ultra Low Latency

Remote Driving of a Public Bus

Soliton has demonstrated  a major breakthrough with the first remotely controlled driven bus in Japan without a driver in the driver’s seat.  The ability to safely drive a bus by a remote operator in a remote location, complete with passengers on board, highlights the advances in ultra-low latency over 4G for video streaming. 

remote driving

STC - Ultra Low Latency

Medical Robot for Remote Surgery

Soliton Systems  teamed up with national partners KDDI, a major Japanese telecommunication company, and Riverfield, a developer of robotic surgery devices, to prove a whole new world of wireless tele-surgery. Innovative technology for people who cannot reach a hospital but require life saving surgery.