Secure Access to Networks and Applications for the Automotive Industry

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At Soliton Systems Europe, we understand the critical need for secure access to networks and applications within the automotive industry, particularly for businesses relying on on-premises solutions.

As technology evolves, we recognise organisations' challenges that require robust and secure access to their on-premises infrastructure. With our specialised solutions, we are dedicated to assisting you in reducing the attack surface, mitigating risks, and protecting your valuable systems.

Providing solutions for automotive companies with on-premises networks and applications

Our comprehensive solutions cater to many automotive businesses with on-premises networks and applications. Whether you have specific requirements or compliance obligations, or prefer to maintain control over your infrastructure, our solutions provide the highest IT Security without compromising on IT efficiency, security or compliance and protect your valuable on-premises systems.

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The big IT security challenges for automotive companies

The automotive industry often relies on on-premises solutions, presenting challenges in terms of security and controlling who can access them. These systems often require robust security controls and face compatibility issues with modern access requirements.

At Soliton Systems Europe, we thoroughly comprehend these obstacles and offer tailored solutions to address the unique security needs of on-premises environments.




Solutions for Automotive

Soliton Systems Europe offers a range of advanced solutions for secure network and application access, specifically tailored for on-premises environments:



On-premises Application Gateway

Securely access your on-premises applications through our robust and reliable Application Gateway. This solution ensures secure connectivity and protects sensitive data, allowing authorised users to interact seamlessly with your on-premises systems.

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Secure Remote Access for On-Premise Networks

Enable secure remote access to your on-premises networks, allowing authorised employees and partners to connect from anywhere securely. Our solution ensures that access to your on-premises networks is protected, encrypted, and compliant with your security policies.

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Secure Transition to Hybrid Environments

If you are transitioning to a hybrid environment, our solutions can provide secure integration between your on-premises systems and cloud-based services. This approach enables you to leverage the benefits of cloud-based services while ensuring the security and accessibility of your on-premises infrastructure.

Solving for Automotive

Our solutions empower automotive businesses, including those with on-premises environments, to maintain a high level of security while controlling who can access. We specialise in protecting and enhancing the security posture of both on-premises and hybrid environments, providing robust authentication, encryption, and access controls that meet industry standards.

Whether you want to strengthen the security of your existing on-premises infrastructure or need seamless integration with hybrid environments, our solutions will ensure compliance with automotive industry regulations and data protection standards.


Enhancing network security at a leading automotive supply chain manufacturer 

Learn from a leading automotive supply chain manufacturer that partnered with Soliton Systems Europe to enhance network security and enable secure network access control in their on-premises environment. This prominent manufacturer sought to upgrade their network infrastructure to protect against evolving threats and achieve TISAX compliance, a vital requirement for automotive suppliers, OEMs, and partners in Germany's automotive supply chain.

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How partnering with Soliton Systems Europe helps you

By partnering with Soliton Systems Europe for secure access to networks and applications, automotive businesses with on-premises environments can experience a range of benefits, including:

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Enhanced security and access controls for on-premises systems


Ensure compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards for on-premises infrastructure


Seamless and secure access to on-premises applications and networks

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Seamless integration with hybrid environments allows you to leverage the benefits of both on-premises and cloud-based systems while maintaining stringent security and compliance


Future-proof your infrastructure with solutions that support both on-premises and hybrid environments, enabling efficient access and secure collaboration across your automotive ecosystem

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