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Separate work and personal data on any mobile device

Separate work and personal data on any mobile device

A single app to edit documents, update spreadsheets, reply to emails, access calendars and much more. Bridges the gap between productivity and security. Seamless connection to resources on premise or in the cloud. Secure and convenient downloading of company documents. Automatic authentication without the fear of data breaches.


Already using a MDM - Mobile Device Management?

Whether you’re already using an MDM in your company or not, MailZen can easily integrate into your most up-to-date corporate infrastructures. This enables complete control of company data where users still have direct access to their most essential and often used office tools.

The problem is that many businesses lose track of devices and granted access - not to mention the unintentional combining of both corporate and personal data. Fortunately, MailZen continuously enables and builds upon an internal level of re-control, keeping your company workspace fully separated and encrypted at the same time.

As the likelihood of mobile cyberattacks is on the rise too, it’s more important than ever before to fully integrate a secure and frictionless solution. To get started, users simply download the app from the app store or google play, activate the app, and have immediate access across company tools all within Office 365.

Future-Proof Secure Remote Working for Mobile Devices

Many employees want or need to use personal devices for work. But for IT teams this can be a security headache. Do you use device management or install a secure container?

If you’re unsure about the best strategy to enable secure remote working, our white paper has the answers. It explores the pros and cons of device management and secure containers, including actionable advice to help you choose the best approach for your organisation.

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What exactly is a secure container?

A secure container is an application installed on a device. The user installs the app on their device and allows the company to control that app — but, importantly, not the device.

The secure container partitions the corporate data from the rest of the device. By doing this, IT maintains complete control over the data inside the container, while keeping corporate data separate from other (personal) data on the device. This technique prevents corporate data leakage to the device and reduces the risk of data contamination by viruses or malware on the device.

Even if the device isn't secured, unauthorised users can't access the data inside the container. The company controls the container and configures the security settings. They can lock users out after 10 seconds, ask for a PIN code or require two-factor authentication. All data inside the container is encrypted, and data can be wiped remotely. Even if the device is compromised, the corporate data inside the container is still secure.

Security Mechanisms of MailZen

MailZen is a container app that runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another. Microsoft applications and shared data from your business accounts can be stored in a separate area (container) on a smartphone or tablet. This enables the option to BYOD - bring your own device - rather than being required to use an officially provided device that an IT department normally controls.

Key Points:

  • The container is an authenticated and encrypted area
  • It prevents the copying of corporate data onto mobile devices
  • Sensitive data is efficiently monitored and cannot be manipulated

Features that benefit everyone

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Easy to manage

  • Focus on managing a single app - not the device
  • Create precise access rights and rules for each user
  • Remotely wipe and block MailZen accounts in seconds
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Easy to use

  • Signed-in users have immediate access, using one integrated app for everything
  • Intuitive icons and fast navigation
  • Admins have ZERO access to private data and app
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  • Users access MailZen from their preferred mobile device
  • All business-critical data is encrypted
  • Complete separation between corporate and personal data
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Integration with Microsoft

  • Integration with Microsoft 365 and on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Easy access to corporate data from both OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Adds security to all O365 applications without the IT departments control
  • No other apps can get access to Exchange Online or On-Premises Microsoft Exchange Server
MailZen Office365

MailZen for Office 365: Keep employees mobile, without compromising data

MailZen for Office 365 is an easy-to-use, secure solution, specifically designed for Office 365 users. It provides employees with mobile access to internet services such as Word and Outlook - while keeping all company data secure and GDPR compliant.

Using MailZen for Office 365 gives all the flexibility of Office 365 services, plus the peace of mind of a safe working environment.

It does so by separating company data on a mobile device from private data - including images, files, emails, calendar, tasks, notes and contact details. Safe in one place, MailZen makes for happy staff, happy managers and, of course, happy IT managers.

Easy Integration Steps

Regardless of who’s accessing your company data or what device they’re using, you can easily integrate your existing infrastructure and start to rebuild internal security throughout.

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The optional MailZen Gateway connects the app to your infrastructure
  • It integrates seamlessly with on-premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructures
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) integration included as standard
  • Migration from another MDM is possible via a simple configuration export feature
  • Access to corporate data from both iOS and Android smartphones or tablets

If you’re concerned about connection to resources on premise or in the cloud, simply get in touch to find out more about MailZen. Get in touch to find out more.