Bridge the gap between Soliton’s live H.265 HEVC mobile surveillance products and a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) VMS system

Soliton’s Zao VMS Plus is a receiving platform

Soliton’s Zao VMS Plus is a receiving platform that is used as a bridge between Soliton’s live H.265 HEVC mobile surveillance products and a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) VMS system. Soliton’s mobile surveillance products include the Zao, Zao-S and Zao Android Apps.

The Zao VMS Plus is utilized at the receiving destination to decrypt the incoming live video streams to provide an IP video output as an ONVIF compliant H.265 HEVC stream. This can be used as an input into any existing Video Management System (VMS) platform that supports ONVIF.

Key Features & Benefits of Zao VMS Plus

  • Creates ONVIF compliant IP video stream from Zao mobile transmitters
  • Utilised with off the shelf video management systems such as Milestone, Genetec, FLIR etc
  • Can be hosted in a cloud environment or “On-Premise”
  • Low latency (from 240ms) with H.265 pass-through

Specifications Zao VMS Plus

Product overview - Zao VMS Plus


Zao VMS Plus can be installed either on-premise or within a hosted cloud environment such as Azure or AWS. In case of on-prem, it is installed within a VMWare ESXi virtual environment.

Additionally, the Zao VMS Plus set up includes the “Comm Post” which effectively manages the network connections and the interface with the Zao Web Management solution. The Zao Web Management is a hosted service, but it can also be installed alongside the VMS Plus solution in closed networks. It is used to manage Soliton’s mobile surveillance transmission products deployed in the field of operation.

RASCOW (Real-time Auto Speed Control based On Waterway model) is Soliton’s algorithm that optimizes video quality based on the available bandwidth across all the cellular networks, or satellite, at any given time. It adds an extra level of reliability to the transmitting products allowing them to transmit even in low bandwidth or congested situations.

The VMS Plus product will assemble the video arriving from all the separate network connections whether it be multiple 3G/4G connections, Wi-Fi and/or satellite from each device and translate from RASCOW/H.265 to RTSP/H.265 and decrypt the stream. Latency is very low from the camera to the output of the VMS Plus, less than a second, typically 700ms.

Specifications - Zao VMS Plus

Installation OS Windows Server 2016, 2019 (HyperV)
Min. Hardware recommendation: (On Premise Install) Specification (HP DL360 gen10 8SFF) CPU:Intel Xeon Silver 4110 2.1 GHz (8 core 16 threads) 2x 16GB RAM (32GB recommended) 2x 1TB (RAID1) – w/ RAID Controller Power Supply: 2x 500W (Redundancy)
Input H.265/HEVC (RASCOW) via Zao, Zao-S, Zao Android App
Output H.265/RTSP/ONVIF
Latency From transmission device to VMS Plus output from 240ms to 30000ms
ONVIF VMS Customer supplied - ONVIF Compliant – certified with Milestone, Genetec etc
Encryption From transmission devices to VMS Plus Media Gateway- AES256bit


Mobile Surveillance Applications with VMS


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