SOTI MobiControl & SOTI XSight

Easy Enterprise Mobility Management

SOTI MobiControl provides all the tools you need for device, app and content management

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) shouldn’t be a challenge for your business. With SOTI MobiControl, you can manage any device or endpoint, regardless of form factor or operating system, through its entire lifecycle. From deployment to retirement, you’re in charge of everything.

SOTI MobiControl is compatible with iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.

SOTI XSight: Integrated diagnostic intelligence and support solution.

Mobile device downtime costs money and leads to annoyed, frustrated employees. When your team is out in the field, you can't see easily see what's happening with their devices. But what if there was a way to support and diagnose issues without having the device in your hands?

SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl, providing a supercharged solution with the operational intelligence, support and management tools you need to streamline your business.


Key features: SOTI MobiControl & SOTI Xsight

Group 830

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With SOTI MobiControl, you can deploy and manage all on-device applications, configurations, corporate policies and certificates. It’s powerful for administrators and convenient for users.


Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Give employees secure access to company resources through web browsers or file browsers, and enable them to create and safely store content on their devices.

Group 806

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Whether the device is company-owned or BYOD, SOTI MobiControl gives you full control over mobile app access within your business.


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Fast deployment and consistent provisioning

SOTI MobiControl is perfect for every type of company device policy. From BYOD to Personally Enabled (COPE) programs, the platform will help you deploy mobile devices efficiently and ensure personal tablets and smartphones conform to your mobility policies.

With SOTI MobiControl, device enrolment won’t slow down your IT team or result in long periods of downtime. Provisioning is always as simple and consistent — as it should be.

Key features and benefits

  • Includes rapid device OEM enrolment solutions for Android, Apple, Samsung, Windows and Zebra StageNow
  • Profiles and packages enable fast, consistent provisioning
  • Build app sets and privileges based on user role or geographical location
  • Employees can enrol themselves via a self-service portal
  • Barcode scanning and NFC ‘bump’ for express enrolment


App and content management

Microsoft Office compatibility

Users can create, edit and upload Microsoft Office files and images with complete peace of mind, thanks to the latest security technology which lies at the heart of SOTI MobiControl.

Microsoft Office compatibility

Users can create, edit and upload Microsoft Office files and images with complete peace of mind, thanks to the latest security technology which lies at the heart of SOTI MobiControl.

File access control

SOTI MobiControl is fully compatible with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), enabling full control over the access, editing and downloading of specific files.

Website access control

Thanks to LDAP integration, SOTI MobiControl lets you control which websites and web applications are accessible by each mobile device.

Corporate app management

Built-in blacklists and whitelists enable you to configure precise user access control for all corporate apps and resources.

App distribution

Apps are easily distributed (over the air), configurated, updated and removed from the enterprise or public app store.

Device and data security

To prevent rogue apps and malware from entering your corporate network, SOTI MobiControl includes industry-leading authentication, password and encryption features. It gives you the tools you need to control what can - and can’t - be installed on each device.

SOTI MobiControl enables IT to grant access and editing rights for different divisions and groups within the organization. Advanced geofencing even makes it possible to limit the use of apps and content to a pre-defined boundary, and it can immediately reveal the current or last-known location of every device.

Turn any Android device into a ruggedized device

A strength of SOTI MobiControl is the ability to change almost any Android-device into a ruggedized device. It means that the device can perform only a limited set of functions, tailored to specific needs.


Fast and efficient remote support for Android

SOTI MobiControl can connect remotely to any Android device and enable the support operative to take control via a keyboard and mouse. Device and app issues can then be addressed quickly thanks to remote view and control, file synchronization and an integrated chat platform.

SOTI MobiControl is integrated with SOTI XSight inside the SOTI One Platform, which means when users report a problem by creating a ticket on the device, support staff can immediately click the device and start a remote control session. With SOTI MobiControl’s remote support for Android, you can reduce downtime and keep staff focused on the task in hand.

The SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI MobiControl and SOTI XSight are part of the SOTI One Platform. Customers have an instance and use SSO to access the different platform applications. The complete platform includes:


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