Fast, secure access to work computers, from anywhere in the world

SecureDesktop provides employees access to their office computer from any remote location — as if they were sitting in front of their office PC. Bring the office into the home, without compromising security. Users only need an Internet connection to ensure easy, fast and secure access to their work desktops.

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Access anywhere in the world

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Secure remote desktop access

Support Your Remote Workforce

SecureDesktop is easy to set up and fast to deploy. Installation can be as quick as one hour — no need to modify your existing IT infrastructure or install a VPN or RDP. SecureDesktop enables employees, temps, freelancers and third-party vendors to work remotely without compromising security.

Work Securely, Anywhere

SecureDesktop has multiple enhanced security features. TLS (including TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption secure all remote connections and data transfers. The SecureDesktop consists of several components, including the Client and Streamer, which provide user and device authentication using 2FA, ensuring all unauthorised access is blocked.


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Leading Automotive company selects SecureDesktop for remote working

Device Authentication with Digital Certificates

SecureDesktop uses digital certificates for device authentication to increase security. Unlike standard remote desktop solutions, users cannot save company data on the (client) device. Only devices with a digital certificate installed can connect to the remote computer; SecureDesktop blocks all other devices from connecting.


Digital Certificates: Authenticate Users and Devices

Creating access rules without proper authentication doesn't make a lot of sense. Both users and target devices need authentication. Otherwise, how do you know who's really on the other side?

The answer is digital certificates, which validate users and devices to ensure they’re allowed access. If a PC or phone doesn't have the right certificate to make a connection, that trust isn't in place and access is denied. But digital certificates have a reputation for being complex. If something goes wrong with the certificate, it isn't trusted and authentication fails. Soliton has removed this complexity from device and user authentication, making it simple and secure. 

Protect Company Data

SecureDesktop ensures data protection on every device used for remote access.

In the Office

Office-based PCs accessed with the app show a black screen. This feature prevents unauthorised people from viewing data, even when the PC under control is in an open-plan office.

Out the Office

SecureDesktop also protects users on the endpoint from accidentally leaking valuable company information:

  • Users cannot copy/paste between the office and private PC
  • Users cannot transfer files from the office PC to their home device
  • Closing the app deletes all data automatically


It’s simple for IT administrators to add users. Just forward a URL, inviting them to connect to the SecureDesktop Service. Employees can launch a remote session to their office computer and start work from anywhere with an Internet connection. SecureDesktop enables IT to manage users, roles, and session permission settings at a granular level. Deployment takes as little as 1 hour, with no need to modify the existing IT infrastructure.

Access from Any Device

Give employees instant remote access to their files, programs and network. The SecureDesktop app easily connects over 3G, 4G, WiFi and wired networks. SecureDesktop supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. With SecureDesktop, organisations access and control any remote computer or device, on or off the company network – no VPN required.


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Extremely Reliable

SecureDesktop offers fast connection and HD image quality. It renders a highly synchronised remote screen to ensure efficient remote operations. SecureDesktop is responsive and delivers stable connections - even at low bandwidths

Easy to Use

Install SecureDesktop with just two clicks. Establish a secure, fast and reliable connection, ensuring ease of access to the office PC (host computer) from any remote PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. SecureDesktop has a tiny footprint, and employees will enjoy the user experience with improved HD quality and sound.

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