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Improve security and reduce attack surface with scalable Network Access Control in healthcare

What’s the problem in Healthcare?

The healthcare sector faces a significant challenge when it comes to IT and network security. More mobile ‘connected’ medical devices are trying to access networks storing highly sensitive patient data as professionals work remotely.

Not to mention the risks from patient devices.

The biggest problem facing healthcare IT administrators

The biggest problem facing healthcare IT administrators is controlling, monitoring and regulating who has access to their networks, and which areas of the network need additional restrictions and protection.

And they have to do all this without increasing the burden on busy healthcare professionals who are already stretched to the limit with their workload.

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Network Access Controls

We can help by helping create purposefully designed Network Access Control (NAC) that provide the highest level of security and control, without adding burdens to IT admins and end-users.

Reduce IT risks remotely & on-premise by taking control of network access

You might not be able to avoid risks completely, but you can put systems in place to control the security risks that allow you to open up resources for those who need them, fostering a non-intrusive workplace, while restricting unauthorised access.

Network Access Control reduces your attack surface and mitigates risks by installing secure, certificate based authentication, which protects your network, without burdening IT teams or end users.

By breaking a hospital’s physical network into smaller segments, administrators can install greater controls over access to the most sensitive data, while preventing attackers from moving between devices.


Benefits of Network
Access Control

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Greater control over which devices can access your network

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Support collaboration and remote working securely

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Takes the end-user out of the security process

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Scale access management to add or remove devices from your network

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Improve security without burdening healthcare professionals with security matters

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Build a safe, productive work environment while delivering a seamless experience to users

Prevent network access before attacks occur

Soliton Systems doesn’t compromise when it comes to security and the user experience. Our IT security systems for the healthcare industry provide solutions that are:

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iPhone 13, 12 Pro – 5


iPhone 13, 12 Pro – 6


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How Soliton Systems’ NAC protects healthcare networks

Network Access Control greatly improves network security posture by giving greater control over what devices can access a network, and which parts of the network they can access. Access is strictly regulated with all activity monitored and logged.

Sensitive network areas (like patient databases) can be more strictly controlled and kept off-limits to unauthorised users.

And because each network segment effectively operates independently, attackers will struggle to jump from one area to another if they do get access.

Why Choose Soliton?

With Soliton, not only do you get access to a highly secure and user-friendly NAC, you get access to our team of experts who are available to help with technical issues to ensure your network is constantly secure. Soliton’s NAC is vendor agnostic, meaning it grows with any possible changes to the infrastructure.