Scalable, Secure Remote Working Without Compromise


Key Features

  • A secure, easy to use alternative to VPNs
  • Separates your network from the outside world
  • Scalable with no limits
  • User-friendly, no matter who or where you are
  • Budget-friendly
  • Mitigates all remote access risks
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Are you still using a VPN?

Cybersecurity is expected to cost 6 trillion globally in 2021. With more people than ever working from home, this has placed a renewed focus on secure remote access for company networks.

The problem is that many businesses still rely on VPN connections for remote workers. Unfortunately, they’re complex to manage, costly, and needlessly extend company networks to unsecured locations.

As the probability of cyberattacks rises, so too does the risk and potential loss. The answer? Replace your VPN with G/On - a software-defined perimeter that will transform your remote workforce.

G/On: It just keeps scaling

Radolfzell is the third-largest German municipality on Lake Constance. Even back in 2012,  the forward-looking municipality considered and implemented an access solution for mobile
workers and the home office.

After a brief testing period, the decision was
made to adopt G/On. The concept of a portable,
installation-free client without the typical
complexity of VPN connections was convincing,
and G/On’s ability to combine multi-level security
with low administrative effort was a clear winner.

Today, having the easy scalability of G/On to hand means Radolfzell comfortably adapts to different working requirements, as and when required.


Instant, secure remote access - without a VPN

Instant, secure remote access - without a VPN

G/On replaces your VPN connections with a software-defined perimeter. Operating on a zero-trust basis, G/On only allows verified users in and completely separates your network from the outside world.

  • Scalable without complexity
  • Hacker-proof
  • Easy to use for both users and administrators
  • Zero-trust access policy
  • Two-factor authentication

Your VPN is Now Redundant

Say goodbye to the complexity and outdated security of your VPN connection.

G/On also features:

  • management controls for user access, permissions, and group memberships;
  • a central management console with full usage log;
  • no caching or storage of information on client devices;
  • full distribution control for software components; and
  • the ability to leverage personal computers without compromising user privacy.
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Features that benefit everyone

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Truly mobile

  • Everything users need on a single USB key
  • Works on any unmanaged device
  • Compatible with Windows and macOS
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Easy to use

  • Fast 3-step login process
  • Feels like you’re connected to the network (it’s virtual)
  • Mobile, quick, stable - always
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More secure than a VPN

  • All data fully encrypted
  • Strong two-factor authentication
  • PCs and Macs are not connected to the network
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Enormously scalable

  • Extra gateways can be added in minutes
  • Load balancing and redundancy built-in
  • Fast user onboarding

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Raise your hand if you’ve never had any issues scaling your remote access solutions?

For many organisations, scaling up remote access, adding more users or updating user access is necessarily complicated. Existing solutions rely on a complex setup, often involves multiple products that are expensive and time-consuming to scale.

Deploy G/On at Scale to Enable Secure Remote Working

When a shared services centre for national government ministries needed to increase remote working capabilities, they turned to Soliton Systems for a solution that meets all their needs.

Working with Soliton, the shared services centre turned to G/On. 

It decreases the attack surface, increases visibility into user activity and reduces complexity. 

Compared to the total operational costs, combined with investment in point solutions, G/On proved highly cost-effective.


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