Leading the Future of Teleoperations and Cyber Security

Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming technology for secure and reliable teleoperations, delivering innovative IT security solutions

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Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming Over Cellular - Enabling Teleoperation under any Network Condition with the Zao SDK for Jetson

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Group 1023

Innovating for 40+ years

Present-ready and future-focused, building on our extensive R&D experience.
Group 1018

Driven by customer needs

Customer oriented, with solutions based on voice of the customer and extensive customer testing.
Group 1006

#1 in Japanese market

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) 1st Section, continually setting new standards in performance, quality and reliability.

How we solve for our main markets

Group 830

Ultra Low Latency Video Streaming

Remote control and teleoperation  

Drones beyond sight

Connected cars

Support for autonomous driving

Mobile Video surveillance   

Mobile live broadcasting  

Group 807

IT Security

Secure 3rd party access

IoT security


Globally distributed teams

OT Management

Access public and private (cloud) resources

Group 826

Soliton Innovation &

Hybrid access management

Zero Trust Network Access

Identity Management

Innovation, not threat mitigation

Maintain privacy

5G Live Video Streaming



Network Access Control Solution

Why every business needs one.

Together we build the future of work

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About Soliton

Soliton is a leading Japanese technology company with a clear emphasis on Research & Development.

Our IT security solutions protect company resources and data from external IT security threats. And, more recently, we delivered the first mobile H265 HEVC solution for the live broadcasting market.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, our current CEO and founder, Nobuo Kamata, PhD has been a technology-oriented leader and pioneer since 1979.

Soliton continues to set new standards in performance, quality and reliability for our customers.

Group 805
Founded in 1979
Group 836
Founder & CEO Nobuo Kamata PhD.
Group 806
World-wide office locations
Group 826
Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) 1st Section
Group 839
Corporate headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
Group 838
750+ employees

Soliton Systems Co. Ltd. Headquarters

Shinjuku – ku Tokyo
160-0022 Japan

+81 3 5360 3801



EMEA HQ Soliton Systems Europe N.V.

Barbara Strozzilaan 364
1083 HN  Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 896 5841


US HQ Soliton Systems Inc.

2635 North 1st Street
San Jose, CA, USA

+1 408 434 1923



CHINA HQ Soliton Network Systems Co. Ltd.

Room 410, Chanfa Building,
No 128 Weihai Road
Shanghai 200003 China

+86 21 6258 7930



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